JW Silhouette Camp Tote


The Tote Bag has been a staple in the American workforce for over a hundred years, originally designed for unloading coal barges.

Our Camp Tote is over-constructed and built to withstand whatever you throw at it or in it.

Made with 18oz Martexin™ waxed canvas that is double layered on the bottom and heavy duty vegetable tanned leather carrying straps, this will be your workhorse around the camp or home. Use it to carry firewood, tools, camp gear, groceries, etc. 

Features a large compartment measuring 17"L x 15"H x 7"W, and a small exterior side pocket for carrying smaller items such as a knife, matches, hatchet, etc. 

Caring for Martexin™ Original Wax Duck Canvas

Martexin Original Wax Duck Canvas is a highly specialized textile product that requires special care and cleaning. Just as you wouldn’t wash a leather product, you shouldn't machine wash or dry clean your wax canvas product. Wax fabrics have been successfully used for many years without washing. A periodic cleaning with a hose and damp cloth is all that’s needed.


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