The John Wayne Field Journal - Brown

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The John Wayne Journal is the ultimate everyday journal. It includes a Field Notes Memo Book for your thoughts and considerations and easily fits a bundle of index cards perfect for those throwaway To-Do Lists, fleeting thoughts, shopping lists, markers, daily reminders, and more. The John Wayne Journal also has plenty of room for a map, boarding pass, passport, etc. 

Constructed from a single piece of premium pull-up leather that is folded and secured with solid brass rivets, NO THREAD STITCHING. This journal will be a loyal companion for years to come; on the job site, in the field, at the office, in your home or abroad. Wherever you go, this journal will remain steadfast by your side.  

Compact size conveniently fits in a back pocket, coat pocket, backpack, briefcase, etc. 

Built to last, guaranteed for life.


3.5" x 6"