Gold Handle Coffee


One thing John Wayne never forgot during his 50 years of making films was the gratitude he owed to all the folks involved in making each movie. He celebrated all individual contributions, no matter what role they played, by giving each of his cast & crew members a personalized title Gold Handle Mug as a token of appreciation.

Duke's generous and unique tradition is celebrated through these collectible mugs and his love of sharing coffee with friends.

Gold Handle Coffee is created and roasted by Tim Coonan and his team at Chicago’s Big Shoulders Coffee. Big Shoulders Coffee has been named one of the top coffee roasters in America, won a coveted Golden Bean Award and also named by Food and Wine as the “best coffee in Illinois”. Big Shoulders brings this tradition of artisan roasting and attention to detail to the sourcing and roasting of Gold Handle Coffee.

12 oz bags of medium and dark roast are available ground or whole bean.

The perfect pairing with any of our John Wayne Stock & Supply coffee mugs.

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